II Фонетические упражнения

  1. Найдите в тексте по 5 слов, где:

ea [i:] a [æ]

i [ai] e [e]

  1. Протранскрибируйте последующие слова:

to refer

to carry out




10 вариант

The banking industry has greatly changed nowadays due to bank mergers and acquisitions. In this new environment banks have to offer more services. The increase in services leads to bank charges for II Фонетические упражнения almost everything. Banks are charging now for ATM {automatic teller ma chine) transactions, not maintaining a minimum balance, teller usage, phone transactions, monthly service charges, and per check charges. Many banks also require an initial high deposit. They may also set a limit on the number of checks II Фонетические упражнения you can process each month. A charge applies for each check above the limit.

Banks give you an option to reduce your bank charges by maintain­ing a minimum balance. You will need to evaluate whether this option suits your needs. Each bank offers a different array of bank account II Фонетические упражнения op­tions. You will need to study each bank's service options to decide what options are crucial for your business. Some issues to consider are the in­terest rates, usage of ATMs, convenience, service, FDIC insurance availability, minimum balance requirements, and bank fees.

Here's a II Фонетические упражнения list of options to consider:

• Usage of ATM MachinesEach time you withdraw money from your bank's ATM machine, you may be paying a charge. Also, consider the availability of your bank's ATM machines. If you use another bank's ATM machine, you may have to pay a II Фонетические упражнения charge for both banks' services (that means your bank and the bank that owns the ATM machine).

• Convenience.Most banks offer online banking services. What does this mean? You have the ability to pay for bills, transfer money from one account to another, purchase stocks in from your work II Фонетические упражнения or home. This gives you twenty-four hours access to your accounts, seven days a week!

• Minimum monthly balances or a service charge.Depending upon the minimum balance requirement and your cash situation, you may opt to pay a monthly service charge. If the balance re­quirement is high, then it II Фонетические упражнения may be to your advantage to place your money in a higher interest bearing account and pay for a monthly service charge. You may need to calculate which option is best for you.

• Per Check fee.In most businesses, a per check fee account would be detrimental so they II Фонетические упражнения stay away from this type of account.

• Interest rates.Make sure that your checking account also gives you interest. The rate may not be very high, but it still helps!

Another option instead of using a bank is a credit union. Most credit unions are set up for a II Фонетические упражнения specific type of employee or business. There are credit unions that cater to educational institutions, employees of hospi­tals, and other specific groups. Credit unions offer very similar banking services such as the use of ATM cards, low minimum balance require­ments, and low or no per check charges.

I II Фонетические упражнения Грамматические упражнения

  1. Переведите на российский язык последующие слова:

merger teller

usage balance

transaction check

charge insurance

service fee

  1. Переведите на британский язык последующие словосочетания:
  1. банкомат
  2. поддерживать малый остаток
  3. плата за операцию
  4. плата за обналичивание чека
  5. ставки процента

3. Выпишите из текста 4-5 предложений, сказуемые которых выражены формой глагола “to be”. Переведите предложения на российский язык.

4. Выпишите из текста 4-5 предложений, сказуемые которых II Фонетические упражнения употреблены в ординарном реальном времени, 3 лице, ед. числе (Present Simple).

  1. Дайте II и III формы последующих некорректных глаголов:

to cut

to deal

to flee

to grow

to keep

6. Образуйте II и III степени сопоставления последующих прилагательных:






7. Задайте 4 типа вопроса к последующим предложениям:

1. The banking industry has greatly changed nowadays due to bank mergers and II Фонетические упражнения acquisitions.

2. There are a lot of ATMs in our town.

3. Interest rates are rather small this session.

8. Выпишите из текста 4-5 предложений с неличной формой глагола (Infinitive). Переведите предложения на российский язык.

9. Ответьте на вопросы по тексту контрольной работы:

1. What are bank charges? What are banks charging for II Фонетические упражнения?

2. What are the options in banks’ services?

3. What are credit unions?

10. Переведите текст контрольной работы на российский язык письменно.

II Фонетические упражнения

1. Найдите в тексте по 5 слов, где:

s [∫] ar [a:]

o [o] a [ei]

2. Протранскрибируйте последующие слова:



to opt





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